New Video, Harvest Ale and Upcoming Pint Opportunites

Our latest episode of “One Pint at a Time” is available for your viewing pleasure. Learn why the Oregon Brewers Festival is considered one of the best craft beer festivals in the world in the episode called 2007 Oregon Brewers Festival.

We are excited about this episode because we were able to use the lessons learned from our European trip when we were very much novices to shooting video. Namely, you can never have too much footage plus it is always nice to see us in the video. We are continually learning how to improve our videos and I hope you can see the difference.

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For all the episodes of “One Pint at a Time” go to beergeekTV.

As for the Sierra Nevada Harvest/Fresh Hop Ale, everyone can rest easier. I finally found some and have been enjoying it almost on a nightly basis this week. I really enjoy the oily, resiny bitterness from the wet hops.

Finally, for those who want to have a pint (or litre) with us, here are your upcoming opportunitues:
October 27: Oktoberfest at the Ol’ Factory Cafe in Sand City. This will be your last opportunity in 2007 to see Merideth in her dirndle and that, in itself, is worth the price of admission.
October 31: Halloween in Santa Cruz… We are going to be at the Catalyst for a Street Dogs show but beforehand, you will probably find us at the Poet and Patriot.
November 3rd: We will be in the Bay Area for the Cal game but prior to the game, we will be found first at City Beer (12:30/1pm-ish) and then at Barclays (3pm-ish) . Our friend Chris from Seattle (the Beer Retard) should be meeting us at Barclays.

For those who haven’t tried the Sierra Nevada Harvest/Fresh Hop Ale, I have a backup supply awaiting me at City Beer. I like to share…

Oh, and we’ll probably be hanging out at the Ol’ Factory Cafe tonight…