It’s Not Too Late for Oktoberfest…

Last night, Merideth and I spoke to the Monterey Pacific Rotary Club about one of our favorite topics… Oktoberfest. It was an enjoyable experience giving people a little window into our lives and hopefully we inspired some people to become beer travelers.

If you want to meet a nice group of people who are doing good work in our community, I would encourage you to attend one of their meetings.

If you are still in the Oktoberfest spirit and want to drink a few litres with us….
October 20: Tyrollean Inn in Ben Lomond
October 27: Ol’ Factory Cafe in Sand City

If you haven’t seen Merideth in her dirndle, these events are your chance.

And finally… there was a review of Ol’ Factory Cafe in yesterday’s issue of the Coast Weekly where I was described as a “sudsy savant”. I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback at first, but now I am embracing my new moniker. So, from now on, please call me either “Sudsy” or “SS”.