New beergeek.TV Episode – England

YiB-8“England… Finally…” is the latest Year in Beer episode of One Pint at a Time.

It is somewhat hard to fathom that in the ten years we have been traveling to Europe, we have never managed more than short visits to London. Thus, we had two goals for August’s Year in Beer trip:

1. Attending the Great British Beer Festival
2. Venturing beyond the Capitol.

So, we began our trip in Somerset.  With the help of Real Ale Walks, we were able to go on a couple of great hikes, enjoy real ale in  small village pubs and even learn the traditional English pub game skittles.

Back in London, we not only attended two sessions of the Great British Beer Festival, but also pulled pints as festival volunteers.

We also found time to do some touristy things during our London stay – our kind of tourist things – a river cruise down the Thames to visit some pubs in Greenwich and a historic / architecturally interesting / cool pub tour of London.

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