New beergeek.TV Episode – Alaska

Yib-01The latest episode of One Pint at a Time, “Alaska in January?”, is available for viewing.

In our first “Year in Beer” episode, we traveled to Anchorage, AK for the Great Alaska Beer & Barley Wine Festival. As you probably could gather from our posts about the trip, we had a great time in the 49th state and hopefully this episode captures the spirit of the weekend.

So please enjoy “Alaska in January?”.

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2 Replies to “New beergeek.TV Episode – Alaska”

  1. Since we’re going in june(&also Chicago)i had to check out this old post/vid.Cafe Amsterdam,Humpy’s,Glacier,Moose’s tooth&Sleeping lady are definetly on the to do-list.You didn’t actually visit the meadary right?

  2. There is a new beer place called Sub Zero. It is owned by and attached to Humpys

    We tried the mead but didn’t visit the Meadery. The owner, Mike, is really nice.

    Give Ken, the owner of Cafe Amsterdam, a big hug for us…

    We’re making our first Chicago visit in May.

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