New beergeek.TV Episode – A World Beyond ORD


“A Whole World Beyond ORD” is the latest episode of One Pint at a Time.

We knew Chicago was a good beer town. We just hadn’t made it there yet. Lucky for us, opportunity knocked when our friends and fellow beer travelers Matt and Michelle asked us to meet them in the Windy City for a long weekend.

Two and half days gave us just enough time to get a taste of the Greater Chicago beer scene. We visited a dozen breweries and three beer bars during our stay. Chicago has a lot to offer the beer traveler and we can’t wait to return.

So enjoy our beer adventures in the Windy City…

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2 Replies to “New beergeek.TV Episode – A World Beyond ORD”

  1. Too bad we missed each other.We just got back from Chicago last week. Great beercity as you said. I also made it out to Hopleaf,GIs,Piece,Half acre&The publican to name a few.
    You did well to cover so many places in such a short amount of time.
    I finally got to taste Racer5&wow what a brew man!
    I didn’t made it to 3F,but i had Gumballhead&Alphaking.Both sensational.A couple of Dreadnaughtbottles were among the$209worth of beer that i brought back…
    I reached brewery#95whilst there,som i’m right on your tail so watch out!

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