Monterey Beer Festival

We survived another Monterey Beer Festival and congrats to Jeff Moses for putting on a packed event. There were a lot of events going on this weekend on the Peninsula so the size of the crowd was impressive. There were a number a great beers and we had some good craic with friends. The only negative about the festival was that most of the breweries ran out of beer several hours before the end. We didn’t do any filming for beergeekTV mainly because the bands were so frickin’ loud. I guess that is my second negative. And if I had one piece of advice for Jeff, it would be no more marketing gimmick beers… no more ‘stripper ale’ no more ‘nude beer’….

Our neighbor, Carmel Valley Brewing was there and Dean’s pale ale I have to say was a hit. It went very quickly… Of the beer I had not tried before, the ESB from English Ales in Marina has to be the best beer I have tasted from them in years. Other than that, my hats off to Green Flash from San Diego for their IPA and Firehouse in Sunnyvale for their IPA as well.