MBF for Women

I was a little nervous yesterday going to the beer festival because I knew it was a practice run for the Oregon Brewer’s Festival in a few weeks. Chris and I had already talked about both of us needing to be more outgoing in approaching people for beergeekTV segments. I got my hair cut, did my nails, and planned on one of my “girls are beergeeks too” shirts and tight jeans. Even though it was not the most provocative outfit, I thought I had to at least act like a girl in order to get some attention. Well, I got none. I think my shirt appeals to hardcore female beer drinkers . . .well, women who really know their beer. And maybe males who know their beer who say they want a shirt for their wives/girlfriends. There weren’t too many of either of those, so I got no comments and no opportunities to promote thebeergeek.com/beergeekTV. In that respect, it was a little disappointing, but overall the festival was entertaining. . . lots of happy young people drinking beer. And it was fun hanging out at the Carmel Valley Brewing booth. We also hooked up with a few friends, so at least we had people to talk to about beer. The experience helped to remind me that even though it is good to get stuff for the site, it is still about having fun and enjoying good beer with good friends!