Matt Venzke – Beer Drinker of the Year

It’s Sunday morning in Denver and we are getting ready to head home. Just a quick post to say that our good friend, Matt Venzke, won the ‘Beer Drinker of the Year’ contest yesterday. Matt’s performance was masterful and we are so happy for him and Michelle.

In the next couple of days, we will post a full report from Denver. Plus in the next couple of weeks, look for an episode of One Pint at a Time.

In the meantime, you can view the image gallery.

5 Replies to “Matt Venzke – Beer Drinker of the Year”

  1. To our son-in-law the new Beer Drinker of the Year!! Congratulations!!! You make a Mama * Papa sooooo proud!!!

  2. Congratulation to Matt! Welcome to the club. It was great meeting all ya’ll. Now we expect resumes from Chris, Michelle and Meredith for 2009.

  3. Wow, check it out … Cornelia rolling up! I’m honored!

    Chris and Merideth, you are SO in line for this title.

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