How Much is a Pint?

We always try to keep our blogs upbeat and positive mainly because we think it is burdensome having to write about the negative things we encounter. But, I will break our golden rule and tell you about the Tap Room at the Lodge in Pebble Beach.

We were at a wedding at the Lodge on Saturday and popped into the Tap Room to grab a couple of pints. Being Pebble Beach, I WAS expecting to be gouged. But when our two pints of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale came to $23.60, I was shocked – so shocked that I calmly handed the bartender $25 and walked away. To give the Tap Room some credit, at least they were imperial pints… to charge $11 for a 16oz pint would border on criminal.

Never again will we spend another beer dollar at a Pebble Beach. And we encourage everyone else to boycott Pebble Beach, too.

Can anyone top $11 pints plus tax?

4 Replies to “How Much is a Pint?”

  1. Hi Chris,
    In Esbjerg last week we paid DKK128 for 2 1/2 litre bottles of Erdinger Hefeweisse. The exchange rate at the time was 9.44 DKK to the £. Works out at roughly $31 for 2 imperial pints. Needless to say we didn’t have a second round!

  2. Maybe not just yet.
    A(1)halfliter-bottle of Nögne ö Bitter(4,5%)at Bishop arms Vasagatan(Stockholm)for120Skr.Which is about15dollars!

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