A Ray of Light in our Little Beer Backwater…

I will be the first to admit the Monterey Peninsula is not a beer mecca – definitely not a place that people would expect passionate beer lovers like us to live. But this is where we grew up; it’s home and we have to take the good with the bad. In the end, when you go to a pub and have to settle for Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, one of the world’s classic beers, things are not too bad.

Every now and then, there are adverts in the paper for establishments claiming to be the new craft beer heaven on the Peninsula, but in the end they pretty much have the same beer as every other establishment… what the major distributors push on them.

So, when I saw an advert for the Ol’ Factory Cafe in Sand City, I was skeptical and not just because it was in Sand City; I had seen the claim too many times before.

Well…. I was wrong being skeptical. The Ol’ Factory Cafe is the best beer bar on the Monterey Peninsula… in fact, the best beer bar I have ever seen on the Monterey Peninsula. They are really trying to build a world class beer list with plans to rotate beers on draught and longer term plans to expand the number of tap handles. Kudos to Adam and Morgan for having the vision to open such a great beer destination on the Monterey Peninsula.

I have a new place where a lot of my beer dollars will be going and more importantly, I have a place to bring out of town beer friends that I can be proud of. Speaking of beer dollars, Ol’ Factory Cafe is cash/local check only… no credit cards.

So, it is time to spread the word… the Ol’ Factory Cafe is THE place for beer on the Monterey Peninsula.

→ Our latest episode of “One Pint at a Time” is now up. Visit the beergeekTV page to watch “Beer in Italy?” and our other episodes.

2 Replies to “A Ray of Light in our Little Beer Backwater…”

  1. That episode really makes me wish I lived near you so I’d get invited to beer tastings. Especially if you were to travel to the Midwest and/or East Coast and bring back some things we can’t get on the West Coast (Three Floyds, Bell, Brooklyn). That’s cool that you do stuff like that for your friends.

    Pretty funny when Merideth is talking about how heavy the bag was and “wimp” flashes on the screen.

  2. Our next tasting is September 16th… if you are in the area, you are more than welcome. We will be sampling beer that we bring back from Colorado.

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