The Beer World Mourns…

Wow… the beer world just lost its guiding light… Michael Jackson died yesterday at the age of 65.

Michael Jackson’s accomplishments, besides being the greatest beer writer ever, included re-introducing the world to little know beer styles, most notably the “strange” and diverse brews that came from Belgium. His passion and knowledge was an inspiration to many of us.

I remember as a teenager being captivated by his “Beer Hunter” series on PBS. I think that is where my love of beer, travel and the travel TV show genre began.

Later, as we started traveling, Michael Jackson’s books, especially his “Pocket Guide to Beer” became a primary source for planning our trips. His insights were invaluable to making our travels a beer filled journey.

One of my beer dreams was to meet Michael Jackson… maybe if there is an afterlife, I will meet him at some awesome pub in the sky.

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