Our Local Beer Scene – Stammtisch

Every now and then, we get a hankering for some good German food which for us means pork and beer. While our first choice would be to hop on the next flight to Munich, that is not always an option. Luckily we have a German restaurant right here on the Monterey Peninsula, Stammtisch in Seaside. Mention Stammtisch to a knowing local and their face will start instantly beaming as they reminisce about a previous meal there.

A local institution for decades, Stammtisch serves traditional German fare in a unpretentious setting.

Pork and potatoes are the staples of German cuisine and their are a number of wonderful pork dishes on the Stammtisch menu. The portions are large which means for Merideth that she has lunch for the next day as well.

Merideth invariably ends up with one of the Schweinebraten (Roast Pork) dishes with Kartoffelknodel, a potato dumpling. I gravitate towards the Pork Loin with my main course last night being over Spaetzle with a Mushroom Gravy. True comfort food!

The beer is also of the German variety. A Munich Helles and Franziskaner Hefeweizen are always found on draft. On the dark side, Kostritzer, a black lager, is available in bottles.

Whether a quiet dinner with just the two of us or with  a group of friends, Stammtisch is always the perfect setting. The owners and staff are always friendly and welcoming; we always leave with a contented smile on our face.

Stammtisch is located at 1204 Echo Avenue in Seaside.

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