New beergeek.TV Episode – British Columbia Eh

Alta Lake at Whistler

British Columbia Eh” is the latest episode of One Pint at a Time.

Though we had visited British Columbia a number of times, we took the opportunity of a niece’s wedding to explore the province’s growing beer culture. During our trip, we traveled from Vancouver Island, up to Whistler, finishing in Vancouver. We experienced as much of the beer scene as possible in a quick week.

So enjoy our beer adventures north of the border…

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5 Replies to “New beergeek.TV Episode – British Columbia Eh”

  1. I love your blog, and I see so many similarities in the trips my husband I take (to check out all the breweries, as we play scrabble and/or bowling on the iPad). I just discovered your blog recently! My husband and I have home-brewed beer together (used to do much more when we lived in the New York area – we’re Americans!), and took various trips in the US where we stopped by every brewery we could find. We have been living in London for the last year, so are now trying to take advantage of all the “real-ales” as well as discover all the craft beer & great microbreweries throughout our travels in Europe. I started a travel writing blog recently but only have a few beer places posted on there so far. Your entries makes me want to get more ambitious with posting my own beer entries!! Please let me know if you and Merideth ever come to London!! We’ll be living here for at least another year…

  2. Thanks. Glad you like our website… it’ s a labor of love. We’ll be in London next month…. February 17-24th…

  3. That’s great! I’m sure you already have an itinerary in mind, but if you need any suggestions or want to meet up with my husband Jim and I for a pint, please email me and let me know. I think we’ve hit almost all of the new breweries in London and we’re also CAMRA (campaign for real ale) members, so we get updates on the real ale pubs regularly. I have a few entries posted on my blog ( but only started it last month so still have lots of catching up to do in my posts.

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