I’m a Public Radio Queen

If you have watched the latest episode of beergeekTV, you saw us march in the kazoo parade from the brewer’s breakfast to the opening of Oregon Brewer’s Festival. 

Well, what we didn’t show was that there was this guy marching with us who had a microphone and asked if I would mind saying a few words.  I remember asking him what it was for and then promptly forgetting what he said.  Since then, I  have periodically thought about what it was all about and wondered if my stuff made the grade or fell to the cutting room floor, so to speak.

And thanks to an e-mail blast from the past from my friend John Brennan, I know the answer!  Now living in Portland, he heard my little sound bite and contacted me. So, I am proud to say that a small portion of my comment made it to the audio postcard of the Oregon Public Broadcasting radio!  And I am also happy to report that only a small portion made it in!  It was my first media experience and I have to say I would have sounded like a total dork if they played the full sound bite! While I haven’t had too many (if any) more media opportunities, that experience helped me develop some better answers to questions commonly asked of beergeeks.  Anyway, check out the Oregon Brewer’s Festival audio postcard on the Oregon Public Broadcasting radio.  Listen carefully, or you might miss my line!