Christmas Tree Hunting – the Beer Geek Way

One of my favorite childhood memories of Christmas was going to cut our own Christmas tree. I remember my Dad dragging my Mom, sisters and I for miles and miles over varying terrain in search of the perfect tree. Invariably, we always found the perfect tree.

Time to cut down a Christmas tree

After Merideth and I moved back to the Monterey Peninsula in the mid-1990s, I remember seeing an article in the local newspaper about ‘cut your own’ Christmas tree farms. We immediately decided that this was something we wanted to do.

Even though it was an 1 ½ hour drive away, we picked the Johnson Farm in Boulder Creek, most likely because we knew it was close to Boulder Creek Brewing Company.

Johnson’s Farm is a real working family farm and is very festive at the holidays. We had a great time getting the tree and finishing the day with great beer was the star on the top of the tree!

Truly a beer lover’s holiday event!  Every year since, our Christmas outing is to Johnson’s Farm for our tree and Boulder Creek Brewing for our beer!