Busy Beer Week

This is going to be a busy beer week with the 4th of July followed by the Brewers Festival here in Monterey on Saturday. If we haven’t had enough, we can always head to the Scottish games on Sunday.

On top of that, we are busily putting together beergeekTV episode 2 (Bamberg) and episode 3 (Civilized Hiking) which we want to have done by July 12th because we will be mentioned in Ray Napolitano’s Coast Weekly column (thanks again Ray).

By the way, we have finally entered the blogosphere (I hate that word) with this, my first post. We mainly want to use this section for our travels but we will also use it to tell you about the more mundane aspects of our beer lives (read above).

If you make it to the beer festival on Saturday, be sure to stop by and say Hi. We will be filming so maybe you can make it onto beergeekTV… Slainte