Belated New Episode Announcement for beergeekTV

We posted a new a new episode of “One Pint at a Time” last weekend but I delayed in blogging about it because I was hoping to also include a link to one of our three radio interviews that we did on Tuesday. The station hasn’t posted the interview yet so it is time to move on…

The latest video from our December trip to Europe is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Despite chilly temperatures, the holiday season might be our favorite time of year in Bavaria.

So please enjoy “Weihnachten in Bayern”.

For all the episodes of “One Pint at a Time” go to beergeekTV.

We will have some Year in Beer news to post later in the week…

On the homefront news
If you are on the Monterey Peninsula, check out Bottles-n-Bins on Lighthouse Ave in New Monterey for a great selection of beers… especially Belgians. We picked up some awesome beers today.