Beer Makes the World Go ‘Round

Whoever came up with “Love makes the world go around” was clearly not a beer drinker.  Otherwise, they would have understood that it is, in fact, beer that makes the world go around.  Through beer we have met a few new people this past week.  While at the Ol’ Factory Cafe on Friday night, we met this nice German guy named Thomas and his friend (wife?girlfriend?) Lynn.  And, as it turns out, he lives right down the road from us!  I’m sure they will be getting invited to future beer events at our house!  That night we also met this Belgian couple who came in to try Sierra Nevada.  Adam, the OFC (as Chris is now calling it) resident beer guru, played an excellent US goodwill ambassador and went to the nearest liquor store to buy a selection of American beers for them to try.  Now if that doesn’t solidify Belgium-US relations, I don’t know what will.

And here is the coolest new friend I have met this week. . .a new co-worker. . .she lived in Heidelburg, speaks German, and used to host beer tasting parties!  Okay, so maybe it was work that brought us together and not beer, but she is instantly cool in my book! So, again, beer helped this shy-ish (and getting ever less so) beergeek girl branch out and meet some cool new people. Like I said, I think it is beer that makes the world go around.