Beer Geeks on Parade

Months and months ago, the Livermore Public Library contacted us to do a talk on our favorite subject. No, not ourselves. Beer travel. It thrilled us to be asked, but admittedly, it was hard to get overly excited because the date was so far off.

It's not every day we walk into a library and see ourselves

Last week, Chris reminded me that our talk was rapidly approaching. So we swung into action and put together something we thought would be entertaining and informative, as well as helpful in spreading the word about craft beer.

Today, the geeks went on parade in Livermore. We had a great time as we talked to a diverse crowd of fellow beer geeks, friends, and people interested in discovering the wonderful world of beer travel.

We described our transformation from a couple of kids running around the Bay Area to the beer obsessed seasoned travelers we are today. We related our experiences of finding unintended gems and of hard fought disappointments. And we shared what we’ve learned about traveling in search of beer. Just like our site, we aimed to encourage others to find their own beer adventures.

There were no major flubs and we didn’t argue on stage. No one threw tomatoes at us and we even got a few laughs. I’d say it was a successful day out.

Thanks again to the Livermore Public Library for inviting us to speak.