Unexpected in the Northwest

WAter St. Brewery - Port TownsendSo far the trip has had a few things I didn’t expect.  1) It’s raining and wet.  Okay, maybe one should expect that up here and I even knew what the weather forecast was, but rain like this at this time of year is apparently not usual. 2) The beer hasn’t been tasting that great to me.  Weird!  Chris and I decided that my taste buds must be off from a recent cold.

Other than that, it is beautiful up here and Sequim is having their annual lavender festival, with all things lavender!  Very cool! Even though I have a number of lavender plants at home, I decided that I want to plant a small plot just like a farm! (Chris doesn’t know that yet!)

We’re going to try to hike today and we hope that the weather cooperates.  But who knows, I guess I need to learn to go with the flow and expect the unexpected!