Stammtisch Material

Just a short post about our stay in Rosenheim last night.

YiB-9We had one more of the local beers to try, so I walked into Gasthof Flötzinger… Merideth was shopping next door and would join me momentarily.

As we have talked about before, when choosing a table at a German beer hall, you need to be cognizant of the Stammtisch table. If you sit there, the staff will ask you to move and it is somewhat embarrassing.

So last evening, I walked into Gasthof Flötzinger all by my lonesome and after quickly scanning the room, I chose a nondescript table in the corner… definitely not the Stammtisch.

But once I sat down, the waiter came over to inform me that the table that I sat at was the Stammtisch table and asked me to move to the next table.

Merideth joined me and I told her my little tale. Then she noticed that we were sitting at the Stammtisch table now. So, of course, we had to take a picture.

The funny thing was that when locals would come in they stare at us like WTF? Why are they sitting there? Plus, this old lady gave me the stink eye most of the time we were there.

In the end, I decided the staff knew who I was and deemed me special enough to sit at the Stammtisch table.