Our Little Tribute to Michael Jackson

We wanted to to take part in today’s Michael Jackson Toast but unfortunately, no pub on the Monterey Peninsula (or in the immediate area for that matter ) was participating. We would have had to drive 2 hours to the Bay Area to participate. So we decided to toast Michael Jackson in our own way.

So what do you do to pay tribute to the man who was the “Beer Hunter”? After our normal Sunday hike, we decided a mini beer tour of our local area to check up on the scene was a fitting way to pay tribute to the man who created beer travel. Plus, we had a toast at our house at 6pm PST…

As for the local beer scene, there is not much to report now because we are using the findings for another little project we are working on.

I will say that we finished up at Ol’ Factory Cafe which is becoming more and more our hangout of choice. If you haven’t checked it out, please do and you will understand why the OFC is where most of our beer dollars are going these days.

Today was also Porter’s 11th birthday. We had missed the last couple because of either travel or Cal football games. So, we decided to try to make #11 for Porter a little special by buying ourselves rice krispie treats. Porter enjoyed blowing out the candles. We enjoyed the rice krispie treats.

→Oktoberfest at Ol’ Factory Cafe is set for October 27th from noon to 6pm. More details on there website. See you there!