New Friends

So we had a great time at OBF!  We are a little new to the “media” side of things, but we did our best to be outgoing and as a result, we met some really cool people that could really talk beer! Plus, after a few pints, even the most shy of us can mingle with the best of them. It was nice to talk with like-minded (and some not-so-like-minded) people who are as much into beer as we are. I don’t know about you, but in our circle of friends, we are seen as being pretty obsessed with all things beer and sometimes made to feel like our obsession is way out there.  Well, when you are in a whole group of beergeeks, a girl can begin to feel pretty darn normal and really feel part of the big beer world out there. Ya know, I don’t profess to be an expert on beer or even be able to talk technical beer speak, but I’d like to think I can hold my own in a beer conversation.  I just hope that I didn’t make a total dork of myself!  If I did, please don’t tell me.  I’d like to keep thinking that I did okay! Besides, I’m just a little beergeek girl who appreciates good beer and good beer conversation. So here’s to my new friends and I look forward to more beer parties to come. . .assuming we will get invited to some . . .

2 Replies to “New Friends”

  1. Hi Merideth,
    I was great meeting you and Chris at OBF. Looking forward to lots of interesting reports from afar in the future.

  2. Chris and Meredith –

    I’ve wanted to visit since meeting you in Portland, just finally getting to that. It was great spending time with you and hanging out at Horse Brass for a couple beers. If you’re in Sacramento, let me know – I’d love to show you around for a few good beers.

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