New beergeek.TV Episode & Happy New Year!

We already have posted the first episode of “One Pint at a Time” from our just completed European trip.

We traveled to Dublin, Ireland to show you what our second favorite European city has to offer in a episode aptly titled “Dublin”.

For all the episodes of “One Pint at a Time” go to beergeekTV.

In the episode, we visit the Guinness brewery (again!) and show you some -but not all – of our favorite places to drink a pint or two in Dublin.

And since, I have your attention, we would like to take this moment to thank everyone for their support in 2007 and to wish you and yours a great year in 2008.

We look forward to bringing you more and bigger beer adventures in 2008 so stay tuned…

♦ I would would like to take a moment to personally thank Oliver, the American Airlines supervisor at Dublin airport, for helping us get home on Christmas Eve. Our flight from Dublin to Chicago was delayed causing us to miss our connection to Los Angeles. We didn’t relish spending Christmas Day in either Chicago or Los Angeles and he understood our desire to get home. Despite the chaos at the airport, Oliver took time to get us rerouted (and even went and found our checked bags to re-tag them) so we did make it home to see our family on Christmas Day.

Also, I should thank our nephew, Will, for driving to San Jose to pick us up. After almost 24 hours of traveling, I am not sure I would have been able to do the hour and half drive home from San Jose airport.