New beergeek.TV Episode – Three Days in the Big Apple

Enjoying a few beers at Brooklyn Brewery

“Three Days in the Big Apple” is the latest episode of One Pint at a Time.

This was our first trip to New York City. We always try to maximize the experiences in our beer travels but, even for us, the list for this trip was ambitious. We had 32 beer places to visit and only three days to do it. Turns out, the number wasn’t our biggest obstacle to reaching our goal.

So enjoy our first New York City adventure…

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2 Replies to “New beergeek.TV Episode – Three Days in the Big Apple”

  1. The only place i visited in NY last month of the places you hung out was House of brews where many hours was spent.Both good food&beer.
    I totally agree that the subway was hellish&cellphones don’t work down there!
    What is this,the 90’s?
    Thanks to you i can now subtract one brewery(Heartland)from my already puny list.Thanks!

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