I Got One More!

I have been meaning to write this for a week now and finally getting to it.  About a week ago I was in Houston without Chris and he was nice enough to find a brewery for me, so I went to Two Rows Brewing.  The food was good and so was the beer and the people were very nice.  Luckily I missed the lunch rush, so it was very mellow.  Plus, it had air conditioning, which was a huge plus!  The temp in Houston was 98 that day with super high humidity!  Very sticky and uncomfortable!  Actually, there was a thunderstorm later that evening.  Anyway, I got one more brewery on Chris in my quest to catch up to him.  I am always one step behind and I think my constant efforts to get even amuse him.  I think that’s why he found the brewery for me.  But, just wait until my list of breweries is the same as his!