December in Europe

I am so excited about writing this post as this means that our trip to Europe in December is a done deal and planning is almost finished. The weather aside, Europe is a special place during the holiday season and we are very pleased to be going back.

We have a lot planned for this trip…

  • Filming Dublin, London and Bavaria episodes of beergeekTV
  • Seeing our friends Paul and Eilís in London and Dublin (the benefits of having friends who are London Irish)
  • Visiting with our German friends Ute and Wolfgang.
  • We’ll finish up in Dublin with the Pogues show. This will be our third time seeing them in Dublin and the Pogues Christmas show is always very special.

We are leaving December 12th and returning on Christmas Eve. Our itinerary at this point is:

December 13-14: London
December 15-16: Munich
December 17-19: Bavarian Alps
December 20: Mannheim
December 21-23: Dublin

We are going to visit 12-15 new breweries on this trip including touring the Fullers brewery in London and the Augustiner brewery in Munich.