We Made it to Seattle

After a bit of delay, we made it to Seattle last night. After all that waiting around, we sure needed a few beers and luckily there is a brewpub 5 minutes from the Seattle Airport. (If only all airports were like that.) Good food and beer for weary travelers. One piece of advice, don’t argue with the stewardess unless you want to get thrown off the flight.

Today, we are off to the Olympic Peninsula where we will hit two or three more breweries and hopefully get some hiking in if the weather permits. Rain is expected the next few days and there are flash flood warnings for Olympic National Park. Oh… and there is a lavender festival…

I Got One More!

I have been meaning to write this for a week now and finally getting to it.  About a week ago I was in Houston without Chris and he was nice enough to find a brewery for me, so I went to Two Rows Brewing.  The food was good and so was the beer and the people were very nice.  Luckily I missed the lunch rush, so it was very mellow.  Plus, it had air conditioning, which was a huge plus!  The temp in Houston was 98 that day with super high humidity!  Very sticky and uncomfortable!  Actually, there was a thunderstorm later that evening.  Anyway, I got one more brewery on Chris in my quest to catch up to him.  I am always one step behind and I think my constant efforts to get even amuse him.  I think that’s why he found the brewery for me.  But, just wait until my list of breweries is the same as his!

Pacific Northwest Here We Come!

We’re in the final planning stages for our trip to the Pacific Northwest. We fly up to Seattle a week from Friday.

We will be hiking Olympic National Park, the Oregon Coast and some places in between.

As for beer, I have about a dozen breweries targeted that we are going to visit, plus visiting a few that we have already been to. We haven’t been to Bridgeport since the remodel so I am excited to see the new pub.

We are staying at 3 brewery hotels… Olympic Club in Centralia, WA, Rogue in Newport, OR plus the Inn at Cape Kiwanda/Pelican Pub and Brewery in Pacific City, OR. After spending many a night in a German brewery hotel, this will be our first American experience.

To top everything off, we are making our return to the Oregon Brewers Festival… We haven’t been since 1999 which was our 7th straight OBF.

And we will be filming for beergeekTV especially at the OBF. Track us down… we will be at the dinner on Wednesday and the festival on Thursday (and maybe Sunday).

If you want to see our complete itinerary you can click here.

Merideth’s Brewery #300

Merideth has joined the 300 club!

A pint at Anacapa before DKM

We drove down to Ventura to see a Dropkick Murphys show and on the way Merideth went to #299 (The Brewhouse in Santa Barbara) and #300 (Anacapa Brewing in Ventura).

Merideth had a banner day all around as she also throttled me in Scrabble 323 – 227. Maybe she has her mojo back.